EDTC 6433 Meta-Reflection

Technology Bookmarks

Figure 1: Teaching Technology Resources Bookmarks

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction. This standard refers to the effective integration and use of technology in the classroom so that students become technologically proficient learners in a world of rapid growth. During the course of this class, we have discussed the five ISTE standards for teachers, their benefits, and possible issues with the standards. Learning ways to successfully integrate technology into my classroom has been highly beneficial to me as I begin to form my own educational practices and ideas.

During this course, I have discovered many resources that will be useful to me as I begin my first year in teaching. Figure 1 shows the many bookmarks I have created to organize my resources for future reference. As I continue to develop my educational practice, I refer to these bookmarks for ideas, networking, and learning of my own. Though I would not say that these bookmarks all prepare me for integrating technology into my classroom right from the start, I believe they are a good beginning to effectively including them, and I will continue to research and develop ideas throughout my career. While researching these resources, I began to understand that integrating technology into the classroom is more involved than I had thought prior to this course. Not only is it teaching students how to research information using the internet; it is also continually developing my practice as a teacher to be informed and connected, using my evolving knowledge to teach my students to become responsible and safe citizens in a globally networked society. By using these resources to increase my own knowledge and fluency with technology, I will be able to model use and benefits of being a modern and globally connected citizen for students. Beyond research, it will be absolutely imperative for me to begin connecting with these professional networks and communities, and continue to stay up-to-date with current trends in technology.


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