Establishing Expectations for Proactive Behavior Management

5.4 Managing Student Behavior by Establishing Expectations

5.4 Evidence

Figure 1

A distinguished teacher has made clear to all students what the standards of conduct in the classroom are, and they have even developed these with the students. To me, this means that the teacher has gone over procedures, rules, and classroom expectations with the students multiple times, and has taught, rehearsed, and reinforced these. Figure 1 shows a portion of a classroom management website I created with two other partners. In the figure, I have described the elements of an effective management plan, and how to implement these. Though I have not had the opportunity to put these ideas into practice yet, this image as well as the website show that I am reflecting upon how I will implement them when I do have my own classroom. While creating this website, I had an opportunity to interact with the knowledge from the course, and put together a plan that works well for myself and my partners, something I wouldn’t have been able to do simply through reading textbooks. I have created a notebook as well with reminders and ideas for plans I would like to implement in my classroom, or test to see if they work for me. By having a plan such as the one shown, I hope to increase the effectiveness of my own teaching, and create a positive and consistent environment for students to feel comfortable and successful in. This plan does not show any evidence of students participate in the creation of the rules, and this is true, as I have not had the opportunity. In the future, I will work to create a set of classroom expectations that work well for me, but also work well for my students and that they’ve had a hand in creating.


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