Reflecting on the Effectiveness of Instruction

2.3 Reflecting on Teaching


Figure 1

During my classes and internship, I have come to realize the importance of reflecting on the effectiveness of a lesson and how effective it was in achieving the desired outcomes. I had the opportunity to teach the same art lesson three times and adapt my lesson based on feedback from the previous lessons. Figure 1 shows an example of student work from the first lesson, while Figure 2 shows an example from the second lesson. The objectives of the lesson were for students to use space and color effectively, and use the shapes found in Pacific


Figure 2

Northwest Coast Native American art. By comparing Figure 1 and Figure 2, it is easy to see how the objectives of the lesson were more clearly met in lesson two, where I adapted my lesson to specifically state these objectives and reiterate them throughout the lesson. I had also provided students with drawing aids to share in pairs rather than a single drawing aid on the board. After reflecting on the second lesson and why it had better results, I was able to make the third lesson even more successful in terms of reaching the objectives. I can apply this to lessons I don’t re-teach as well, by reflecting on the effectiveness of my instruction and using it to make changes to the way I teach or interact with students. By reflecting on my teaching, my students will benefit from a richer experience, and one that is planned well. When reflecting on my instruction in the future, it will be important for me to reflect also on how the students reacted, and what worked well for them so that I can apply that knowledge to all subjects (and not just the same lesson).


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