Planning for the Deepening of Declarative Knowledge

P1 Evidence

Figure 1

P1 – Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction. This standard means that as a teacher I will be planning and adapting curricula based on standards to personalize it to the diverse needs of every student in my classroom. Figure 1 shows a portion of a lesson I wrote for General Inquiry and Teaching Assessment Methods, showing my intentional plan for a lesson in literacy for third grade. Marzano (2007) suggests that in forming declarative knowledge, students need to review and revise the information as they understand it, and that one way to do so is to have students compare things and ideas. With this in mind, I have planned a lesson that takes into account both the standard and the need for students to review and revise their information. This portion of the lesson demonstrates that I am learning to adapt standards to the benefit of my students, though I am beginning to understand that more thought and effort goes into planning lessons so they fit the needs of each student than I have displayed here. In this lesson plan, having students compare and contrast two different stories is helpful for them to deepen their understanding of writing conventions and parts to a story. In the case of this lesson, I think the most crucial thing it is missing is a specific plan for personalizing it to individual students. If I were to actually use this plan in my classroom, I would add a plan B for if the students aren’t quite understanding, and I would like to split the lesson segment up further.